You Cannot Hide Forever, Luke

Luke on the Death Star seeking out Vader

As a kid, I used to run around my living room with an invisible lightsaber and pretend to be Luke Skywalker. Some days I was also riding a motorcycle doing this, riding up and down stairs, while battling the Empire, which was my own version of speeder bikes I suppose. I wanted to be Luke because he was the hero that the movie depended upon making good decisions. Han is awesome, of course, and Lando will always be my FAVORITE favorite, but if Han decides to take the afternoon off, there’s probably an Ewok crawling around that could sneak in and blow up that shield generator. If Luke takes the afternoon off, the Empire ultimately crushes the Rebellion.

Don’t even get me started wondering if Admiral Thrawn had been around to handle business on Endor. Rebellion over.

I’m a little surprised I haven’t taken any Luke pictures yet, but to be honest, I’ve never been all that happy with Hasbro’s Black Series Luke figures. The head sculpts always looked silly, and the bodies always seemed clunky and not well thought out. Finally, though, I decided to buy Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi, and I’m glad that I did. The figure is amazingly detailed, comes with two different head sculpts, and also includes extra hands for different poses. Very well done.

For the shot above, I took the picture using a pretty simple setup. I placed a lume cube below Luke to give that sinister vibe. I placed another lume cube with a green gel to the left angled toward Luke so that post editing when I added the lightsaber effect there was a green color cast to make it look more realistic. My main light source was placed in front of and above Luke, directly behind my camera. I wanted the light to make Luke visible but to not overwhelm the gelled light or to remove all those great shadows created with the light below.

My very crude diagram of the setup is below.

Setup of camera and lighting for shot

One of the things I struggle with is indoor photography, particularly setting up lighting. I’m pleased with this one, however.

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