Vader Up in Smoke

Hasbro Black Series 6″ Darth Vader #43

One of my proudest dad moments was when I introduced my six-year old to Darth Vader. We were watching Disney’s Rebels, and she grew suitably impressed when the one villain to rule them all walked menacingly onto the screen.

Needless to say I beamed with pride. My daughter understood. There are villains. There are super criminals. There are titans so intimidating that they can eliminate half of a world’s population with a mere thought and a bit of glimmering bling, but there’s only one Vader. The supreme bad ass.

I haven’t taken too many pictures with Vader. Mainly because the Black Series 6″ Vader that I owned, the one with the removable mask, was a bit unwieldy, and the stupid chain around his neck always seemed to be in a goofy position and look silly. Anyway, I recently picked up Vader numbered 43 in the Black Series line, and fell in love with the sleeker design. The cape flows nicely and could envelop a squadron of rebel traitors with a mere thought of DV’s powerful Jedi mind tricks.

In the shot above, I originally intended flanking Vader with a group of stormtroopers, but the shot never came together. I did, though, love how the shot turned out with the smoke. I used a vape (nicotine free juice) to produce the smoke, and then blended multiple images to get just the right coverage of smoke to give a cool element to the photo. I ultimately decided on black and white with the glowing red lightsaber because it looked striking. I also cooled the temp down a bit to bring out the blues. It worked well with the lack of other colors (even before B&W) and accentuated the lightsaber.

Again, my daughter was impressed.

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