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Oct 18

NLCS Game One, Harvey, and Murphy’s Heroics

Yesterday I’m doing a bit of channel surfing and for some reason I end up on the NFL Network. I never watch the NFL Network. It’s a fairly useless channel in my opinion because who the heck wants 24-hours of football analysis? Let me rephrase that. Who the heck wants 24-hours of guys talking about …

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Oct 01

Sunshine and Smiles in Hollywood

After Tuesday’s rains, a sunny, cloudless Orlando day was a welcome sight for touring Hollywood Studios. It would be perfect. It would be all rainbows and kittens from this moment on. How did our day start? My daughter let it be known she didn’t want to go to Hollywood Studios and wanted to be home …

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Sep 22

Jon Niese: About Last Night (September 21)

Confession time.  I actually watched Sleepless in Seattle in the theatre.  I also watched Titanic in the theatre, and while I remember the iceberg being really, really big and Billy Zane being sort of awesome, I remember most the drink I bought for $6.50 that was the size of a Super Big Gulp and held …

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Aug 25

Jacob deGrom: About Last Night (August 24)

You’re really going to make me do this? Seriously? You are a cruel, sadistic individual to make me relive last night’s Jacob deGrom start. It was a tough night. It brought back all those mean, dark thoughts about the Phillies that I’ve suppressed for so long. At one point my wife asked if I wanted …

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Aug 10

Bartolo Colon: About Yesterday Afternoon (8/9)

Fly ball to Michael Conforto. Fly ball to Yoenis Cespedes. Grounder to Lucas Duda. Sharp grounder past Daniel Murphy by Richie Shaffer. Fly ball to Conforto. Pop up to Duda. Fly ball to Kelly Johnson. Sharp grounder past Wilmer Flores by Shaffer. Long double by John Jaso. Fly ball. Pop up. Home run by Shaffer. …

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Jul 31

Mets, Failed Trades, and Jon Niese

When he’s not preoccupied with the birth of his child, Jon Niese puts in some really good work. Yesterday he allowed one earned run on six hits in six innings of work, walking one and striking out six. He did all that he could for the Mets to win that game. Short of holding an …

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Jul 30

Bartolo Colon Struggles and Pitch Location Proves It

It’s extremely early in the morning. I woke up early, ready to begin another wonderful day with a review of the now not happening Wilmer Flores and Zack Wheeler for Carlos Gomez trade. I don’t know why the news leaked, how it leaked, or why the deal was pulled, but for Flores’ sake, the Mets …

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Jul 10

Making Sense of Lucas Duda

Maybe it’s too simplistic to look at Lucas Duda’s batting line and pinpoint an exact time when things went haywire. Was it in early May when Duda’s OPS dipped below .800 for the first time, a few days before perhaps, or do we look to the very end of May when Duda’s OPS dropped from …

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Jun 29

Steven Matz Best Mets Hitter Ever

It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at a list of the top prospects such as Keith Law’s (Insider only) on ESPN or Baseball America’s, and see those players as proven commodities. This year it’s been especially easy when you consider that Law’s top four are Kris Bryant, Byron Buxton, Carlos Correa, and …

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Jun 01

Bartolo Colon: Best Hitter Ever

It’s a rare occurrence when I’m actually right about something, especially in regards to baseball, so I’m ecstatic when I argue a point in a post and then afterwards I’m rewarded for my brilliant observation. In yesterday’s post I made a point about Terry Collins wasting Ruben Tejada’s at-bat in the sixth by trying to …

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