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End of Year Award Time!

We should probably discuss the end of year awards. I was lazy and didn’t write up my preseason predictions, which is fine because I would have been wrong for all of them. I was wrong for all of them last year. Who knew that Stephen Strasburg wasn’t ready to take the leap—every Nationals fan, apparently—or …

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Stephen Strasburg: About Last Night (8/8)

I could watch Stephen Strasburg’s performance last night over and over. He was that good. In fact, I’ve already watched it twice, and I might go ahead and watch it a third time just so I can watch him strike out Ben Paulsen with that ridiculous changeup again. Three pitches Paulsen. It was that easy …

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New Met, Old Met, No Met, Go!

It’s fun to wake up in the morning with a surprise.  Groggy-eyed, sipping my morning water, I open my iPad case and see an alert that Troy Tulowitzki was traded to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes and a trio of pitching prospects.  It was like an espresso while I waited for my coffee to …

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