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Oct 18

NLCS Game One, Harvey, and Murphy’s Heroics

Yesterday I’m doing a bit of channel surfing and for some reason I end up on the NFL Network. I never watch the NFL Network. It’s a fairly useless channel in my opinion because who the heck wants 24-hours of football analysis? Let me rephrase that. Who the heck wants 24-hours of guys talking about …

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Oct 13

Matt Harvey: About NLDS Game Three (October 12)

I thought I’d looked over the postseason roster with a reasonable amount of attention. I didn’t study the list of Mets’ players like I was looking at a Where’s Waldo? picture, but I spent more time than looking at a passing advertisement on the Metro. Still, I was surprised to see that Erik Goeddel was …

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Aug 06

Matt Harvey: About Last Night (8/5)

Ugh. This could be a very angry post. Not about Matt Harvey’s (10-7) outing. No. It’s difficult to complain when your guy goes out, pitches seven innings of two-hit ball and strikes out six. Oh, and he didn’t give up a run. After an outing like that, where Harvey didn’t allow a single Marlin to …

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Apr 19

Mets Win Eighth Straight, Lose Two Anyway

Ouch. Losing Jerry Blevins and Travis d’Arnaud for any real length of time is obviously going to impact the Mets. Blevins, fracturing his left forearm on a Dee Gordon liner in the seventh, had been perfect as a situation lefty (five innings pitched, including Sunday, without allowing a hit or a walk while striking out …

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