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Oct 13

Matt Harvey: About NLDS Game Three (October 12)

I thought I’d looked over the postseason roster with a reasonable amount of attention. I didn’t study the list of Mets’ players like I was looking at a Where’s Waldo? picture, but I spent more time than looking at a passing advertisement on the Metro. Still, I was surprised to see that Erik Goeddel was …

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Oct 10

Jacob deGrom: About NLDS Game One

Personally, yesterday was about as good as it gets for a baseball fan. I left work around noon, making it home in time for the start of the Texas/Toronto game; watched Texas take a 2-0 lead in their series after tying the game 4-4 in the eighth and letting their bullpen absolutely shut the Blue …

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Sep 24

Bartolo Colon: About Last Night (September 23)

How you feel about the last few days probably gets into whether you’re a glass half empty or glass half full type of person. In other words, if you’re not a Mets fan you probably see this series against Atlanta—and this home stand in general where the team went 3-6 and lost three straight series …

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Sep 05

Jacob deGrom: About Last Night (September 04)

One thing I find impressive interesting about Mets games lately is that you never quite know what the infield is going to look like. One day Wilmer Flores is playing short, the next he’s playing the second, and then he won’t be seen for a few days. Michael Cuddyer starts at first. Daniel Murphy starts …

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Sep 03

Matt Harvey: About Last Night (September 02)

Can I recycle Sunday’s post about Noah Syndergaard? It felt like the same start except this time the Mets scored enough runs that I didn’t storm around the house like a pouting child, and I saw Ruben Tejada hit an inside-the-park homerun. Tejada was an RBI machine in this game. See? I told you he …

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Aug 31

Noah Syndergaard: About Yesterday Afternoon (August 30)

There was a span of about 30 minutes yesterday where I was convinced baseball games were fixed. Joe West wasn’t behind the plate. That was Tim Donaghy. It happened much quicker than that. My sudden insight didn’t exactly happen in the proverbial “blink of an eye.” That might be overselling it. I’ll say it happened …

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Aug 11

Jon Niese: About Last Night (8/10)

I have to admit that I’ve seen enough of the Rockies over this past weekend that I’m ready for them to leave New York already. Those purple shirts are cute and misleading. They make you believe they’re all cuddly and non-threatening while inside those jerseys are purple-shirted grizzly bears ready to rip Mr. Met to …

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Jul 29

Syndergaard Throws Really, Really Fast Again

The one thing I like about Noah Syndergaard is that for a kid with an explosive fastball he throws a good many curveballs and changeups. It’s sort of refreshing. It reminds me of high school when we could throw fastballs and curveballs all day long and still win a game 8-1. Well, not me. I …

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Jul 09

Score Four and One Home Run Ago: Mets Win!

When I was in high school, I thought my life could only be made complete with an official Dwight Gooden jersey. The jersey had to be the road grays, and of course it had to have that sweet Mets logo on the left sleeve. I won’t bore you with an ode to jerseys, so this …

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Jun 26

Can Jacob deGrom Start Every Game?

I’m now at the point that when Jacob deGrom starts (or any Mets starter for that matter) I don’t worry if the Mets will score or not. I don’t even particularly enjoy watching the team bat. I’d rather just watch them pitch, enjoying the 15 or so pitches that it normally takes for deGrom to …

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