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Oct 06

Some Wild Predictions

Since I handed out end of the year awards already, let’s take a few minutes to discuss the wild card games.  Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the inherent unfairness of the play in game and how six months of baseball shouldn’t come down to one game.  Oddly …

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Aug 17

Matt Harvey: About Yesterday Afternoon (August 16)

Sometimes it’s best to just step away and not say anything. This is sound advice. Not all advice is sound. Wrapping dirty socks around your neck to remedy a sore throat is pretty stupid advice, or putting chewing tobacco in your ear for an earache. You can probably think of a few others. Walking away …

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Aug 16

Jon Niese: About Last Night (August 15)

This series with the Pirates is stirring up all those bad feelings from the 80s and early 90s. J.A. Happ has suddenly morphed into Zane Smith and Charlie Morton turned into Doug Drabek. I’m almost 100% certain that Jeff Locke is going to look like Randy Tomlin in today’s game. As a matter of fact, …

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Aug 15

Bartolo Colon: About Last Night (August 14)

I sometimes like to play the “What If” game when it comes to baseball. It’s something I used to do as a kid, and it’s just sort of carried over into being an adult. You know, what if Yoenis Cespedes didn’t strike out with runners on second and third with nobody out in the third? …

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Oct 02

Bumgarner, Volquez, and Wednesday Night

In the end, all the debate about whether Clint Hurdle should have pitched Gerrit Cole or Edinson Volquez didn’t really matter all that much. Not when Madison Bumgarner left the Pirates bats silent inning after inning, striking out 10 and walking one in a complete game four-hitter that was . . . impressive. What the …

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Oct 01

West Coast? Mid-Atlantic Baseball Rules!

For those of us in the Mid-Atlantic region, this Major League postseason brings something sort of unique. For the first time, at least that I can track these things back, we’re going to see all three area teams in the playoffs at the same time. How unique is it? Seeing that big league baseball has …

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Sep 30

Buc Up! Volquez, the Pirates, and Playoff Time!

At first I thought Clint Hurdle was crazy. Why start Gerrit Cole on Sunday against Cincinnati, with just the possibility of winning the Central, when you could save him for the very real possibility of facing the Giants on Wednesday? It made no sense. Cole has the dominating presence with youth and the electric arm. …

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Jul 30

McCutchen, Heyward: Young, Talented, and Underpaid

Andrew McCutchen is a four-time All Star, Gold Glove winner, and reigning NL MVP, and if the season ended today he’d be a strong candidate to join Barry Bonds as the only Buccos to win two, depending on what the voters disregard more: Cutch’s overall game, Troy Tulowitzki’s numbers, or Clayton Kershaw being a pitcher. …

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Jul 15

Buc Buc: Get Off Pedro Alvarez’s Back Already

The Pittsburgh Pirates opened up shop in 1882, and in those 132 years Pedro Alvarez owns the top two spots for strikeouts in a season. This fact might surprise some. I don’t know why it would if you watch Pirates games since Alvarez has adopted a unique approach to the three true outcomes by disregarding …

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