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Mets Reach 10 as Lagares Does Amazin’

Before John Mayberry, Jr. led off the bottom first with a triple, the Mets had successfully scored 75% of the time with a runner on third and less than two outs. That’s an extraordinary figure considering the NL average is 53% and the number of opportunities. The team’s 32 chances were second to the Cubs …

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Lucas Duda’s Big Night

Moments before Giancarlo Stanton hit his first homerun of the season, I idly thought about how far he was off the plate. After a weird, stream-of-consciousness Stephen Dedalus’ like sequence, I eventually thought that attacking the outside corner would work with him but if you miss by even a little . . . bad things …

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Mets: Mighty Men of the East

An RBI for Bartolo Colon! #Mets pic.twitter.com/KxuNBPZ940 — Adam Bernard (@AdamsWorldBlog) April 12, 2015 One of my favorite things about the beginning of the baseball season is how early successes and failures always seem way more important than they really are. For instance, after six starts last April, the Athletics Jesse Chavez sat third in …

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