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Aug 21

Max Scherzer: About Last Night (August 20)

You think the Nationals are happy to see the end of Carlos Gonzalez and Jose Reyes by now? I’m sure Max Scherzer (11-10) is by now. Today in Washington, all of the talk likely centers around RG3 and the pummeling he took at the hands of the Lions, but Scherzer probably discuss anything but that …

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Aug 19

Jordan Zimmermann: About Last Night (August 18)

If your starters have struggled staying in the game, as have the Nationals (Joe Ross‘ 4+ innings on Sunday was the longest by a Nats starter over the last three games entering Tuesday), then playing a game in Colorado probably isn’t ideal. According to the MASN graphic to kick off the broadcast, an average of …

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Aug 08

Jordan Zimmermann: About Last Night (8/7)

A pitcher’s intent is one of those things that sort of fascinate me. Take for instance in the fourth inning of last night’s game against Colorado, Jordan Zimmermann threw a 1-0 fastball inside to Jose Reyes. Ball two. Clearly it was meant to push Reyes, who crowds the plate, back so Zimmermann can better control …

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Jul 28

New Met, Old Met, No Met, Go!

It’s fun to wake up in the morning with a surprise.  Groggy-eyed, sipping my morning water, I open my iPad case and see an alert that Troy Tulowitzki was traded to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes and a trio of pitching prospects.  It was like an espresso while I waited for my coffee to …

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