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Oct 22

The Mets Win the NL. No, Seriously

How amazing has Daniel Murphy’s ability to summon his inner Ken Griffey, Jr. been? He somehow usurped the story of the Cubs winning the 2015 World Series and made the conversation about him and the New York Mets. Not just the conversation. Murphy made casual fans root for the Mets, turning them from the guys …

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Oct 13

Matt Harvey: About NLDS Game Three (October 12)

I thought I’d looked over the postseason roster with a reasonable amount of attention. I didn’t study the list of Mets’ players like I was looking at a Where’s Waldo? picture, but I spent more time than looking at a passing advertisement on the Metro. Still, I was surprised to see that Erik Goeddel was …

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Sep 22

Jon Niese: About Last Night (September 21)

Confession time.  I actually watched Sleepless in Seattle in the theatre.  I also watched Titanic in the theatre, and while I remember the iceberg being really, really big and Billy Zane being sort of awesome, I remember most the drink I bought for $6.50 that was the size of a Super Big Gulp and held …

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Sep 14

Jonathon Niese: About Last Night (September 13)

All of three weeks ago, I began to look over the schedule and wondered when we’d see a little clarity in the standings. The Nationals were about to begin a stretch where they played 16 of 19 games at home (where they were a combined 129-87 over the last three seasons and 31-23 entering that …

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Sep 12

Steven Matz: About Last Night (September 11)

If there’s a legitimate argument for Yoenis Cespedes as NL MVP (I’m working on a post with my own thoughts), those in favor can basically point to each night’s box score and say, “See?  This guy is raking!”  Cespedes did it again last night, going 3-for-5 with a double, a home run, and three RBI.  …

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Sep 08

Jon Niese: About Last Night (September 07)

If you go back and look, you can see the seeds of that five run fourth inning take root in the third. Jon Niese walked the opposing pitcher Max Scherzer, ball four coming on a close inside fastball where Niese didn’t get the call, and walked Anthony Rendon. The pitches were close. Niese was perhaps …

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Sep 02

Jon Niese: About Last Night (September 01)

Do we have definitive proof that Bartolo Colon and Jon Niese (8-10) aren’t the same person? I haven’t seen them standing beside one another. Neither pitcher seems to be in the same place at the same time, quality start-wise. When Colon is throwing well, Niese goes in the tank. When Niese is throwing well, Colon …

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Aug 28

Jon Niese: About Last Night (August 27)

While this is technically a post about Jon Niese and how he pitched last night (the title even says so), let me take a moment to say it’s really nice to see David Wright charging grounders again. Doesn’t it feel like it’s been years since we’ve seen that? Since 2013, Wright has missed 191 games …

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Aug 23

Jon Niese: About Last Night (August 22)

Sometimes I wonder if other people think in terms of songs. I do. I’ll think of a situation, and a song pops into my head. I imagine a lot of people think this way. Most people probably. I’m not a musically inclined person except a brief flirtation with classical guitar, so thinking in songs has …

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Aug 16

Jon Niese: About Last Night (August 15)

This series with the Pirates is stirring up all those bad feelings from the 80s and early 90s. J.A. Happ has suddenly morphed into Zane Smith and Charlie Morton turned into Doug Drabek. I’m almost 100% certain that Jeff Locke is going to look like Randy Tomlin in today’s game. As a matter of fact, …

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