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Sep 02

Joe Ross: About Last Night (September 01)

I wonder if of all 32 of the pitches Joe Ross threw in that third inning, if he could take only one back would it be that 3-2 slider to Matt Carpenter? The pitch barely broke, went outside for ball four, and the Cardinals eventual first run reached base. In an inning where Ross walked …

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Aug 28

Joe Ross: About Last Night (August 27)

Regular readers of the site know that I’m a huge fan of Joe Ross (5-5). The trade that brought Ross to Washington was lauded for bringing the eventual replacement for impending free agent Ian Desmond. Desmond didn’t want to take the offer that Mike Rizzo had presented to him? That’s fine. We’ll just elbow our …

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Aug 23

Joe Ross: About Last Night (August 22)

It was clear early on that Joe Ross (4-5) and Nationals Pitching Coach Steve McCatty were going to force Milwaukee to hit the fastball. Well, everyone except Ryan Braun. Braun got sliders. He whiffed so badly on those there wasn’t really a point in throwing him anything else. Everyone else, however, saw lots of 96-mph …

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Aug 17

Joe Ross: About Yesterday Afternoon (August 16)

It seems almost comical now, but it was the end of the third inning when I sent my friend a text, stating that he needed to tune into the Nationals / Giants game on MASN. Why? Because, buddy, we might just see dual no-hitters going. I actually wrote that. I believed it too. Madison Bumgarner …

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Aug 12

Joe Ross: About Last Night (August 11)

It started out okay for Joe Ross (3-4). Jimmy Rollins popped up the second pitch to Ian Desmond; Alberto Callaspo popped up the sixth pitch to Yunel Escobar; and Adrian Gonzalez hit the eighth pitch deep to center but right into Michael Taylor‘s glove. Eight pitches, seven strikes, and three quick outs. This pitching stuff …

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Aug 07

Joe Ross: About Last Night (8/6)

When I think of a wipeout slider, I think of Chris Sale, Yu Darvish, and Max Scherzer. The big guns. Guys who make a living striking out unsuspecting batters with a variety of pitches and riches of embarrassment. Joe Ross (3-3) isn’t the first name that comes to mind. His slider is good, but it …

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Aug 02

Joe Ross, Mike Rizzo, and Trade Ideas

One of these days, I think we’re going to look back at the three team trade that sent Steven Souza, Jr. to Tampa Bay, Wil Myers to Sand Diego, and Joe Ross and Trea Turner to the Nationals as one of the most lopsided deals of the last decade. Well, the trade will likely rank …

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Jun 25

Jordan Zimmermann Adds to Nats Dominant Run

The last time a Washington Nationals starting pitcher allowed an earned run, the country hadn’t celebrated our dads for being awesome, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley hadn’t called for removing the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds, and I hadn’t added my twenty bucks to the one billion or so Jurassic World has earned so …

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