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Feb 16

Matt Harvey and Stephen Strasburg Willing to Sign?

That was a fun break. It’s been over three months since I’ve last posted, and it certainly comes as a surprise that we’re now a few days past Valentine’s Day, a month away from Easter, and one day away from pitchers and catchers arriving to camp. I love Spring Training. It really is the best …

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Sep 25

Steven Matz: About Last Night (September 24)

It seems like only yesterday when Steven Matz debuted against the Cincinnati Reds and Brandon Phillips homered to lead off the game.  Of course, if my memory serves me right, Matz’s first pitch went all Nuke LaLoosh and nearly tossed the ball over the backstop, was down 3-0 to Phillips, and then the home run. …

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Sep 12

Steven Matz: About Last Night (September 11)

If there’s a legitimate argument for Yoenis Cespedes as NL MVP (I’m working on a post with my own thoughts), those in favor can basically point to each night’s box score and say, “See?  This guy is raking!”  Cespedes did it again last night, going 3-for-5 with a double, a home run, and three RBI.  …

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Sep 06

Gio Gonzalez: About Last Night (September 05)

How many times this season do you think Nick Markakis has swung at the first pitch in at-bat?  Maybe 25% of the time? I’m spitballing here. I didn’t look this up, so pretend it’s just a couple of friends chatting. What about to start out the game?  A handful of times perhaps? Markakis is a …

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Sep 01

Gio Gonzalez: About Last Night (August 31)

Most people would agree that the best curveball in baseball belongs to Kershaw.  Well, Kershaw just about owns the best pitch of every kind, but his curveball is sort of impressive.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a lefty freeze right-handed batters with a curve the way Kershaw can.  This isn’t a post about Kershaw, …

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Aug 27

Gio Gonzalez: About Last Night (August 26)

Eventually it was going to happen. Eventually Gio Gonzalez (9-7) was going to allow a leadoff hit and the Padres were going to score. In four straight innings a Padres batter singled to start the top half of an inning, and in the first two innings Gonzalez was able to work around trouble. In the …

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Aug 22

Gio Gonzalez: About Last Night (August 21)

The Nationals now enter a rather favorable portion of their schedule. Entering Friday, they play 16 of their next 19 games at home (a nine game home stand against the Brewers, Padres, and Marlins with a quick three game series against the Cardinals followed by seven against the Mets and Braves), and if ever there’s …

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Aug 16

Gio Gonzalez: About Last Night (August 15)

For an outing that lasted for 2 2/3 innings, and a mere 65 pitches, the first two innings went about as smooth as any Gio Gonzalez (9-5) start. Seven pitches to Gregor Blanco ended in a fly out to Jayson Werth; Nat-killer Matt Duffy grounded out to Gonzalez; and Brandon Belt flew out to center. …

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Aug 11

Gio Gonzalez: About Last Night (8/10)

The good news for Washington is that Ian Desmond has been hitting the ball with authority again. After a fairly awful first half of the season where he hit .211/.255/.334 with seven home runs in 84 games, he’s hitting .277/.341/.578 with seven home runs over the last 23 games. This is important because he hit …

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Aug 06

Gio Gonzalez: About Last Night (8/5)

Sometimes I wonder if Gio Gonzalez’s curveball is too good. Oh, he threw one to Wellington Castillo in the first that absolutely froze the right-handed hitting catcher. He did the same to Chris Owings in the second. Both were punch outs and both on sweeping hooks that buckled the knees of the righties. You don’t …

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