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Oct 06

End of Year Award Time!

We should probably discuss the end of year awards. I was lazy and didn’t write up my preseason predictions, which is fine because I would have been wrong for all of them. I was wrong for all of them last year. Who knew that Stephen Strasburg wasn’t ready to take the leap—every Nationals fan, apparently—or …

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Aug 11

Revisiting “Let’s Go Mets”

Is it an impulse buy when you spend .99 cents on a song entitled “His Name Is Daniel Murphy and He’s Great At Baseball!” by The New York Sports Band, or is that compulsion? When I bought the song’s best friend “Dwight Gooden Was the Doc, Yeah!” that was because a song about Daniel Murphy …

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Aug 09

Noah Syndergaard: About Last Night (8/8)

For all the good we’ve seen from Noah Syndergaard lately (in his previous seven starts, he’s allowed 31 hits in 50 innings while striking out 52!), last night, particularly that long first inning was a little hard to process. Wait a minute. The team gave you a 3-0 lead. What’s happening here? Grady Sizemore happened. …

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Aug 08

Jacob deGrom: About Last Night (8/7)

It’s not particularly surprising that Jacob deGrom followed up a six inning outing against Washington with 6 1/3 innings against Tampa. His fastball was all over the place. In the first inning, one that saw him need 23 pitches to get through four batters, he 23 pitches and of those, the majority were fastballs that …

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