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Revisiting “Let’s Go Mets”

Is it an impulse buy when you spend .99 cents on a song entitled “His Name Is Daniel Murphy and He’s Great At Baseball!” by The New York Sports Band, or is that compulsion? When I bought the song’s best friend “Dwight Gooden Was the Doc, Yeah!” that was because a song about Daniel Murphy …

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Syndergaard Drops Thor’s Hammer on Arizona

I know everyone is quick to anoint Joc Pederson or Kris Bryant the eventual NL Rookie of the Year winner. Pederson has 20 home runs, makes highlight worthy catches, and certainly has Vin Scully’s support. Bryant has been the talk of baseball since the season started, has been worth nearly 3.5 wins (fWAR), and looks …

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Starting Pitching, the Mets, and Budgets

In the first post in this series, I explained that because of an article for District on Deck I started questioning the logic of spending big on starting pitching. Of course, that led me into wondering what teams should spend on starting pitching or if there’s any real answer to that question, and that led …

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