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Sep 16

Jacob deGrom: About Last Night (September 15)

I imagine the chat between Jacob deGrom (13-8) and Pitching Coach Dan Warthen in the fourth inning last night went a little something like this: “The fastball’s not working coach,” deGrom says. “Why in God’s name would you throw Justin Bour three straight fastballs, then?” “Tuesday is sort of a stupid day, isn’t it? I …

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Sep 15

Logan Verrett: About Last Night (September 14)

Maybe it’s just me, but I find Justin Bour to be the most fascinating hitter in the Marlins lineup. He’s not the most dangerous, though he certainly has enough to power to make the team pay as he showed in Miami a week ago. How would the Mets attack Bour in this series? If you …

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Sep 07

Steven Matz: About Last Night (September 06)

There was plenty to like about Steven Matz’s return to the Mets rotation on Sunday afternoon. He occasionally flashed a nasty curveball, striking out Christian Yelich in the first and Cole Gillespie in the second and the fourth with a few of his more notably filthy offerings. Also, as in his other starts, he worked …

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Sep 05

Jacob deGrom: About Last Night (September 04)

One thing I find impressive interesting about Mets games lately is that you never quite know what the infield is going to look like. One day Wilmer Flores is playing short, the next he’s playing the second, and then he won’t be seen for a few days. Michael Cuddyer starts at first. Daniel Murphy starts …

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Aug 31

Stephen Strasburg: About Yesterday Afternoon (August 30)

It’s a lot easier when the team scores runs. When the offense is clicking and guys not named Bryce Harper contribute big hits, those three-run Justin Bour home runs turn into the opening for a poorly written blog post rather than an example of why Stephen Strasburg didn’t bring his good stuff to Nationals Park …

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Aug 30

Jordan Zimmermann: About Last Night (August 29)

I don’t think you could have faulted Jordan Zimmermann (11-8) if he’d lost all ability to think coherently and grooved one to Derek Dietrich after Martin Prado nearly decapitated Zimmermann with a comeback liner in the fourth. Ichiro Suzuki had just worked his way on with a single, and on the next pitch Prado unleashed …

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Aug 05

Jon Niese: About Last Night

By the sixth inning I was growing a bit concerned. Niese was starting to elevate his pitches, catching a lot more of the middle of the plate, and the Marlins were making solid contact. For Jon Niese and the Mets, the results were good. A strike out, a ground out, a fly out to get …

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Aug 04

Bartolo Colon: About Last Night

Well, the Mets certainly gave Bartolo Colon enough of a lead that even if the Colon we’ve been used to seeing lately arrived in Miami, they’d be okay. Colon, however, pitched well. He kept his two-seamer down, and the movement on that pitch had the Marlins batters guessing all night. He worked with runners on …

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Apr 30

Streaking: Mets Drop Third Straight Road Series

So far this year the Mets pitchers have had zero answers on how to pitch to Dee Gordon and Giancarlo Stanton. Coming into Wednesday night’s game, Gordon was batting .440/.440/.520 against the Mets with three RBI and two runs scored. Stanton was batting .292/.320/.625 with two mammoth opposite field homeruns, five runs scored, and five …

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Apr 19

deGrom Scoreless Streak Reaches 18 1/3

As far as all-time great drafts, I don’t know how 2010 ranks in Mets’ lore. I have neither spent the time to analyze every draft (future project) nor tried to total up the earned bWAR/fWAR for each draft. It’s also far too early to even legitimately pose the question, but since I’m using the question …

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