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Sep 03

Matt Harvey: About Last Night (September 02)

Can I recycle Sunday’s post about Noah Syndergaard? It felt like the same start except this time the Mets scored enough runs that I didn’t storm around the house like a pouting child, and I saw Ruben Tejada hit an inside-the-park homerun. Tejada was an RBI machine in this game. See? I told you he …

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Aug 31

Noah Syndergaard: About Yesterday Afternoon (August 30)

There was a span of about 30 minutes yesterday where I was convinced baseball games were fixed. Joe West wasn’t behind the plate. That was Tim Donaghy. It happened much quicker than that. My sudden insight didn’t exactly happen in the proverbial “blink of an eye.” That might be overselling it. I’ll say it happened …

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Aug 11

Revisiting “Let’s Go Mets”

Is it an impulse buy when you spend .99 cents on a song entitled “His Name Is Daniel Murphy and He’s Great At Baseball!” by The New York Sports Band, or is that compulsion? When I bought the song’s best friend “Dwight Gooden Was the Doc, Yeah!” that was because a song about Daniel Murphy …

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Aug 10

Bartolo Colon: About Yesterday Afternoon (8/9)

Fly ball to Michael Conforto. Fly ball to Yoenis Cespedes. Grounder to Lucas Duda. Sharp grounder past Daniel Murphy by Richie Shaffer. Fly ball to Conforto. Pop up to Duda. Fly ball to Kelly Johnson. Sharp grounder past Wilmer Flores by Shaffer. Long double by John Jaso. Fly ball. Pop up. Home run by Shaffer. …

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Aug 03

Jordan Zimmermann: About Last Night

You have to think that Jordan Zimmermann’s night goes a little better if he gets the call on the 3-2 slider on Kevin Plawecki in the third. It was a strike, certainly. Unfortunately for Zimmermann he didn’t get the call, Plawecki walked, and Zimmerman soon saw a 1-0 lead turn into a 5-1 deficit in …

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Jul 16

Frequenting the Freq(ing) Mets

The American League won the All Star game. Since I paid attention for all of one Mike Trout home run, any sensible write-up will have to come elsewhere. There was a score, presumably, but I don’t know what that final score was. The AL won, though. SI and ESPN likely have very nice write-ups. I’m …

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Jul 10

Making Sense of Lucas Duda

Maybe it’s too simplistic to look at Lucas Duda’s batting line and pinpoint an exact time when things went haywire. Was it in early May when Duda’s OPS dipped below .800 for the first time, a few days before perhaps, or do we look to the very end of May when Duda’s OPS dropped from …

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Jun 05

Mets Win, Murphy Exits Game Early

I have to admit that today was supposed to be a good day. Despite the fact that I’ll be outside all day working on the yard (still better than a day in the office, sitting in an uncomfortable chair while staring at a computer screen) I felt pretty good. I won a bag of Black …

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Apr 30

Streaking: Mets Drop Third Straight Road Series

So far this year the Mets pitchers have had zero answers on how to pitch to Dee Gordon and Giancarlo Stanton. Coming into Wednesday night’s game, Gordon was batting .440/.440/.520 against the Mets with three RBI and two runs scored. Stanton was batting .292/.320/.625 with two mammoth opposite field homeruns, five runs scored, and five …

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Apr 28

Gee, Murphy Lead Mets in Miami

From a fan’s perspective, I’ve always found 1-0 games a mixed bag. The casual observer benefits from the expedited game time, zipping through innings as though the teams are late for a party, and unless every inning includes multiple full counts and a scattering of walks the games end just over two hours. These are …

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