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Aug 24

Logan Verrett: About Yesterday Afternoon (August 23)

I’ve been spoiled this year. I’m not blind to this fact. I live in an area that allows me to watch the Nationals, and I follow the Mets because they’re my team. Because you’re on this site I don’t feel like that requires additional explanation. By lucky, I mean in terms of watching starting pitching, …

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Aug 23

Jon Niese: About Last Night (August 22)

Sometimes I wonder if other people think in terms of songs. I do. I’ll think of a situation, and a song pops into my head. I imagine a lot of people think this way. Most people probably. I’m not a musically inclined person except a brief flirtation with classical guitar, so thinking in songs has …

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Aug 22

Bartolo Colon: About Last Night (August 21)

It’s difficult to know how much getting beaned just below his pitching hand in the second inning bothered Bartolo Colon. He wasn’t exactly sharp in the first when he allowed Carlos Gonzalez’s 29th home run on the season, so anything after the second—otherwise known as the additional seven hits and six runs allowed—might have been …

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Aug 21

Max Scherzer: About Last Night (August 20)

You think the Nationals are happy to see the end of Carlos Gonzalez and Jose Reyes by now? I’m sure Max Scherzer (11-10) is by now. Today in Washington, all of the talk likely centers around RG3 and the pummeling he took at the hands of the Lions, but Scherzer probably discuss anything but that …

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Aug 20

Stephen Strasburg: About Last Night (August 19)

It was clear early on that Stephen Strasburg (7-6) had his good stuff. Whether it was another sign of his returning confidence and command after returning from the disabled list or that he really enjoys pitching against Colorado, Strasburg handled the Rockies batters in seven strong innings to notch his 50th career win. Of the …

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Aug 19

Jordan Zimmermann: About Last Night (August 18)

If your starters have struggled staying in the game, as have the Nationals (Joe Ross‘ 4+ innings on Sunday was the longest by a Nats starter over the last three games entering Tuesday), then playing a game in Colorado probably isn’t ideal. According to the MASN graphic to kick off the broadcast, an average of …

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Aug 14

Noah Syndergaard: About Yesterday Afternoon (August 13)

No one ever said this pitching thing was easy. Throw too many fastballs, as Noah Syndergaard (7-6) did in his two innings, and the batters sit on the pitch and hit the ball a long way. It doesn’t matter how hard you throw it. The fastball DJ LeMahieu hit for home run was clocked at …

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Aug 13

Jacob deGrom: About Last Night (August 12)

I feel like I need to defend Jacob deGrom’s (11-6) outing. As though his two hits allowed over seven dominant innings isn’t enough defense to his title as Best Right-Handed Starter on the East Coast with Long Hair. With another few outings like Wednesday night, best starter in the major leagues isn’t out of grasp. …

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Aug 12

Matt Harvey: About Last Night (August 11)

It always seems a little odd to me that a 1-0 game can be frustrating for both the team that wins and the team that loses. Shouldn’t the winners take comfort in the fact that they won a pitchers’ duel? This is just one of those questions, really, since the Mets ended up scoring three …

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Aug 11

Jon Niese: About Last Night (8/10)

I have to admit that I’ve seen enough of the Rockies over this past weekend that I’m ready for them to leave New York already. Those purple shirts are cute and misleading. They make you believe they’re all cuddly and non-threatening while inside those jerseys are purple-shirted grizzly bears ready to rip Mr. Met to …

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