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Aug 21

Max Scherzer: About Last Night (August 20)

You think the Nationals are happy to see the end of Carlos Gonzalez and Jose Reyes by now? I’m sure Max Scherzer (11-10) is by now. Today in Washington, all of the talk likely centers around RG3 and the pummeling he took at the hands of the Lions, but Scherzer probably discuss anything but that …

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Aug 19

Jordan Zimmermann: About Last Night (August 18)

If your starters have struggled staying in the game, as have the Nationals (Joe Ross‘ 4+ innings on Sunday was the longest by a Nats starter over the last three games entering Tuesday), then playing a game in Colorado probably isn’t ideal. According to the MASN graphic to kick off the broadcast, an average of …

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Aug 11

Jon Niese: About Last Night (8/10)

I have to admit that I’ve seen enough of the Rockies over this past weekend that I’m ready for them to leave New York already. Those purple shirts are cute and misleading. They make you believe they’re all cuddly and non-threatening while inside those jerseys are purple-shirted grizzly bears ready to rip Mr. Met to …

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Aug 10

Max Scherzer: About Yesterday Afternoon (8/9)

Even now, it’s a little hard to process Max Scherzer’s outing. He hung a curve to Carlos Gonzalez in the first, but after that, he was cranking it up to 98 (I’ve only seen Scherzer throw that hard a few times this year. He hit 97-mph or higher three times yesterday and remained comfortably 95 …

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Aug 09

Stephen Strasburg: About Last Night (8/8)

I could watch Stephen Strasburg’s performance last night over and over. He was that good. In fact, I’ve already watched it twice, and I might go ahead and watch it a third time just so I can watch him strike out Ben Paulsen with that ridiculous changeup again. Three pitches Paulsen. It was that easy …

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Aug 08

Jordan Zimmermann: About Last Night (8/7)

A pitcher’s intent is one of those things that sort of fascinate me. Take for instance in the fourth inning of last night’s game against Colorado, Jordan Zimmermann threw a 1-0 fastball inside to Jose Reyes. Ball two. Clearly it was meant to push Reyes, who crowds the plate, back so Zimmermann can better control …

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