Sunshine and Smiles in Hollywood

My daughter's first lightsaber and dad's R2D2 ears.

My daughter’s first lightsaber and dad’s R2D2 ears.

After Tuesday’s rains, a sunny, cloudless Orlando day was a welcome sight for touring Hollywood Studios. It would be perfect. It would be all rainbows and kittens from this moment on.
How did our day start? My daughter let it be known she didn’t want to go to Hollywood Studios and wanted to be home instead.
Well, after meeting Minnie Mouse, a lunch with Sofia and Doc McStuffins, and an afternoon singing “Let It Go” with a thousand other excited children, it turned into her best day yet.
For dad? I started out my day with The Tower of Terror; loved Star Tours and watched my daughter build her first lightsaber; and finished the day with the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Oh, and we haven’t blown the budget.
Mom is excited for Thursday and dressing up like Marry Poppins for the Halloween parade.

Oh, and everything is okay with Yoenis Cespedes’ fingers (just bruised), Steven Matz’s back (spasms), and Wilmer Flores’ cold/strep/flu (lower back pain). So, yesterday ended on a positive.

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