What’s with the name?

The Natty Dugout seemed like such a perfect name to me that I was afraid that it was already taken. How couldn’t the Natty be registered somewhere? Well, no one had taken the name because true visionaries like me stay way ahead of the curve and see demand well before the general population does.

Or it’s stupid. Whichever.

The idea for the name came from both the Funkadelic song “Nappy Dugout” and from the fact I was writing about the Nationals for District on Deck, a fan site of the FanSided community. It just made sense. It also so happens that I live close to D.C. See how that all works?

Why write about the Mets so much?

No, I neither grew up in New York City nor live there now, and I grew up in area where kids were encouraged to root for the Orioles or the Pirates since they were both sort of local, so maybe this seems strange. As a kid, Mets games were broadcast on WWOR-TV in our area. While other kids around me grew up loving the Ripkens and Eddie Murray, I was fascinated with Dwight Gooden, Wally Backman, and Keith Hernandez. These were my guys. So, I write about the Mets because I grew up loving the team. When things went dark through the 90s, I cheered all the more when they turned around in the late 90s and early aughts. I never wavered, even when Ted Turner and TBS torturing me with the Braves turned great just in time to relocate to the NL East.

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