MLB Playoff Heat Check Saturday, October 10


You know it’s the playoff edition when you see names like Jaime Garcia and Lance Lynn make the list. Also, welcome back Adam Wainwright! When the average for Noah Syndergaard‘s changeups and sliders make our list, I don’t think of ways to update the script. I say go with it. It’s the playoffs! Here you’ll find information regarding the pitchers that light up the radar gun each and every night. I’ve listed for both starters and relievers the top average pitch velocity with a heading for type. It doesn’t equate to quality of an outing or take into consideration the end result of the pitch (sometimes really, really good fastballs go a long way), but it’s fun.

Starters Pitches by Average MPH:

Name Pitch Avg Count
Noah Syndergaard Sinker 98.62 37
Noah Syndergaard Fourseam 98.51 24
Zack Greinke Fourseam 92.92 36
Zack Greinke Two-seam 90.88 11
Jaime Garcia Fourseam 90.11 19
Jaime Garcia Two-seam 90.03 7
Jaime Garcia Cutter 89.60 1
Noah Syndergaard Changeup 89.25 22
Zack Greinke Changeup 88.71 25
Noah Syndergaard Slider 88.39 15

Relievers Pitches by Average MPH:

Name Pitch Avg Count
Hansel Robles Fourseam 98.37 6
Hector Rondon Two-seam 96.93 3
Hector Rondon Fourseam 96.90 7
Chris Hatcher Fourseam 96.48 6
Addison Reed Fourseam 94.23 7
Kenley Jansen Cutter 94.11 16
Lance Lynn Fourseam 93.87 17
Trevor Cahill Sinker 93.70 5
Adam Wainwright Fourseam 92.52 5
Lance Lynn Two-seam 92.30 7

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