Oct 10

MLB Playoff Heat Check Friday, October 9

heatIndexHere you’ll find information regarding the pitchers that light up the radar gun each and every night. I’ve listed for both starters and relievers the top average pitch velocity with a heading for type. It doesn’t equate to quality of an outing or take into consideration the end result of the pitch (sometimes really, really good fastballs go a long way), but it’s fun.

Starters Pitches by Average MPH:

Name Pitch Avg Count
Jacob deGrom Fourseam 96.51 45
Jacob deGrom Two-seam 96.49 31
Clayton Kershaw Fourseam 94.25 48
Marcus Stroman Fourseam 93.50 1
Cole Hamels Two-seam 93.28 42
John Lackey Fourseam 92.77 25
John Lackey Two-seam 92.66 46
Scott Kazmir Fourseam 92.65 12
Marcus Stroman Two-seam 92.41 48
Johnny Cueto Fourseam 92.28 40

Relievers Pitches by Average MPH:

Name Pitch Avg Count
Jeurys Familia Fourseam 98.80 1
Pedro Baez Fourseam 98.50 5
Trevor Rosenthal Fourseam 98.38 16
Pedro Baez Two-seam 98.17 3
Jake Diekman Two-seam 98.00 24
Kelvin Herrera Fourseam 97.96 11
Jeurys Familia Sinker 97.67 8
Liam Hendriks Two-seam 97.30 2
Aaron Sanchez Two-seam 97.08 24
Chris Hatcher Fourseam 97.08 5

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