Oct 18

MLB LCS Heat Check Saturday, October 17

heatIndexHere you’ll find information regarding the pitchers that light up the radar gun each and every night. I’ve listed for both starters and relievers the top average pitch velocity with a heading for type. It doesn’t equate to quality of an outing or take into consideration the end result of the pitch (sometimes really, really good fastballs go a long way), but it’s fun.

Starters Pitches by Average MPH:

Name Pitch Avg Count
Yordano Ventura Fourseam 97.08 10
Yordano Ventura Two-seam 96.95 47
David Price Two-seam 94.55 14
Matt Harvey Two-seam 94.50 5
Matt Harvey Fourseam 94.44 43
David Price Fourseam 94.37 28
Jon Lester Fourseam 91.53 44
Yordano Ventura Cutter 91.35 8
Jon Lester Sinker 90.41 23
David Price Cutter 89.80 17

Relievers Pitches by Average MPH:

Name Pitch Avg Count
Danny Duffy Fourseam 97.17 12
Kelvin Herrera Fourseam 97.09 7
Aaron Sanchez Two-seam 96.85 10
Wade Davis Fourseam 96.47 11
Jeurys Familia Sinker 96.32 16
Aaron Sanchez Fourseam 95.23 3
Justin Grimm Fourseam 95.20 3
Luke Hochevar Fourseam 94.15 2
Trevor Cahill Sinker 94.12 6
Wade Davis Cutter 92.63 7


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