MLB Daily Heat Check: Wednesday, August 5

heatIndexHere you’ll find information regarding the pitchers that light up the radar gun each and every night. I’ve listed for both starters and relievers the top five by average velocity and the pitchers that threw the hardest single pitch. It doesn’t equate to quality of an outing or take into consideration the end result of the pitch (sometimes really, really good fastballs go a long way), but it’s fun.

Pitcher Name Team Pitch Type Avg. Start Speed (mph)
Chris Archer Rays FT / FF 96.77 / 96.18
Carlos Carrasco Indians FF / FT 95.46 / 95.01
Andrew Cashner Padres FF / FT 95.33 / 95.08
Jake Arrieta Cubs SI 94.7
Shelby Miller Braves FF 94.49

Starters Top Five Fastballs by Average (MPH)

You know it’s a good night for the flamethrowers when Max Scherzer’s fastball doesn’t make it onto the list until the ninth fastest by average. Chris Archer lit up the radar gun last night, claiming the top two spots with his two-seamer and fourseamer while Carlos Carrasco, Andrew Cashner, and Jake Arrieta both appear in the top 10 twice. As for the fastest individual pitches, Archer nearly hit 99 with his two-seamer as did Cashner twice, and the that’s about it. The top 25 fastest pitches were dominated by these two men.

The relievers are listed below:

Pitcher Name Team Pitch Type Start Speed
Aroldis Chapman Reds FF 98.96
Tommy Hunter Cubs FF 97.95
Jake Diekman Rangers FT 97.66
Arquimedes Caminero Pirates FF 97.66
Jeurys Familia Mets SI 97.59

Relievers Top Five Fastballs by Average (MPH)

Aroldis Chapman holds the top two spots, reaching back and hitting 101.3 and 101.1. Ken Giles nearly topped 100 with three of his pitches while Arquimedes Caminero and Jeurys Familia round out the top 10. Both hit the low 99s, as if there is such a thing.


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