MLB Daily Heat Check: Monday, August 3

heatIndexHere you’ll find information regarding the pitchers that light up the radar gun each and every night. I’ve listed for both starters and relievers the top five by average velocity and the pitchers that threw the hardest single pitch. It doesn’t equate to quality of an outing or take into consideration the end result of the pitch (sometimes really, really good fastballs go a long way), but it’s fun.

Pitcher Name Team Pitch Type Avg. Start Speed (mph)
Noah Syndergaard Mets FF / SI 97.8 / 97.5
Jose Fernandez Marlins FF / FT 95.6 / 93.8
Jeff Samardzija White Sox FT / FF 94.8 / 94.02
Edinson Volquez Royals FF / SI 94.6 / 95.1
Mike Pelfrey Twins SI / FF 94.2 / 93.99

Starters Top Five Fastballs by Average (MPH)

Noah Syndergaard dominated the hardest thrown individual pitches section. He topped out at 99.6, threw the top 20 fastest pitches, and it wasn’t until the 21st pitch with Jose Fernandez tied with Syndergaard at 98.1. We’ll just move along.

The relievers are listed below:

Pitcher Name Team Pitch Type Start Speed
Kelvin Herrera Royals FF / FT 99.2 /98.5
Jumbo Diaz Reds FT 98.5
Bruce Rondon Tigers FF 98.2
Pedro Baez Dodgers FT / FF 97.8 / 97.7
Carter Capps Marlins FF 97.7

Relievers Top Five Fastballs by Average (MPH)

This section I rarely need to update. It’s the same, night after night after night. Kelvin Herrera was the only one who topped 100, hitting 100.5 in Toronto yesterday and topping 100 three times. Jumbo Diaz and Trevor Rosenthal brought some heat as well, capping out at 98.9.


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