Mets Win 9th Straight, Plawecki Debuts

The Mets won their ninth in a row last night, and their 11-3 mark to start the season equals the best start in franchise history, which was set in 1986. Winning 7-1 was impressive considering the team received no hits from their 3-4-5 hitters (a collective 0-for-11 from Lucas Duda, Michael Cuddyer, and Daniel Murphy) and recorded only one extra-base hit when Curtis Granderson doubled in the eighth. The double, Granderson’s first extra-base hit of the year, most likely would have been caught by a rangier leftfielder than Jonny Gomes, but hey, when things are going superfantastic you don’t question them. Oh, and Granderson also drove in four runs, his first RBIs on the season.

What amazes me about the Amazins’ is that the team, collectively, struck out just once yesterday. You know how many times that happened last year? One time. Last season the Mets played in one game, in a win against the Astros on September 28, where the team whiffed but once. There were three others where the team struck out twice and five others where they struck out three times (I could keep doing this but mercifully I won’t), but the larger point is that as far as strikeouts go, the Mets were roughly middle-of-the-pack in the Majors for team K% at 20.6%, tied with the Mariners for 14th. The team certainly walked a bunch, finishing the season tied with the fifth best BB% rate in MLB at 8.4%, but that didn’t add to more runs scored as they finished 22nd in that category.

In 2015?

The team has the one game with one strikeout and one each with two and three respectively. Mind we’re through around 9% of the season so far, and the team’s first two strikeout game last season came in May.

The team as a whole has cut down on the strikeouts, ranking just ahead of the Royals in all of baseball for the lowest K% at 15.9 while the walks remain high at 9.7%. Part of that is certainly quality of opponent. Against the Nationals, the team struck out nine, six, and nine times respectively, and they struck out 11 times against the Braves and Eric Stults (Wednesday’s starting pitcher), though Stults had just three of those strikeouts while the bullpen recorded the other eight.

With the team making contact good things have been happening. Maybe the team isn’t hitting for power, but they’re stringing together singles in bunches to plate runs. The team has a BABIP of .286, which is 13th. Not eye-popping unsustainable like the Tigers hitting .360 or the Padres hitting .343.

Something to keep an eye on going forward.

How about that Kevin Plawecki? In his MLB debut he goes 2-for-4 with two singles and two runs scored. He also tossed out Andrelton Simmons as he tried to advance to second on a ball in the dirt in the sixth. Plawecki hit the ball hard in his at bats, lining out to Freddie Freeman in his first at bat. If Freeman isn’t holding Eric Campbell at first that probably goes down the line for a double, so it looks like the offense is going to be there.

It was a good start to his career.

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