Epcot Came to Bring the Rain

A father and daughter late-night snack.

A father and daughter late-night snack.

Let’s just say my 3-year old daughter really didn’t want to wear her poncho yesterday. That’s cool, I guess, if it we weren’t walking around in the rain for an hour at Epcot. She found every puddle to jump in. I found new and unique ways to cheerfully express my displeasure. My wife found new ways to pretend we were strangers. Disney World, yeah!

The rains eventually cleared, and we had a great day. Later I’ll tell the story of how a grown man spent picture time with Mickey and Goofy without his daughter around. I’ll even show pictures.

As for my daughter? We came back to the hotel, and I introduced her to Trix cereal. She loved it. Day 2 was a huge success.

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