Bartolo Colon Struggles and Pitch Location Proves It

It’s extremely early in the morning. I woke up early, ready to begin another wonderful day with a review of the now not happening Wilmer Flores and Zack Wheeler for Carlos Gomez trade. I don’t know why the news leaked, how it leaked, or why the deal was pulled, but for Flores’ sake, the Mets need to sit him for a few days. He looked completely stunned throughout the game, devastated in parts of it, and it’s little wonder by game’s end he was essentially going through the motions to finish the game out.

What a horrible day for him.

On pitching related matters, last night wasn’t a particularly good day for Bartolo Colon. He pitched 2 1/3 innings of batting practice to one of the few teams, by fWAR, that are worse than the Mets at hitting. The Padres are 28th in the major leagues in fWAR, 6.2, while the Mets are 19th with 11.1. By batting average, the Padres are next to last, batting .237, while the Mets are rock bottom at .235, but I think the larger point is that Colon was generous with his sinker and fourseamer in his brief time on the mound. With his 54 pitches thrown, Colon allowed six earned runs on 10 hits with one strikeout. Colon allowed two more home runs on the year, one to Justin Upon and one to Yonder Alonso, and he has now allowed 17 on the season. The troubling part about that number is that Colon’s HR/9 rate is now 1.28, the highest it’s been for him since a rather miserable 2009 stint with the White Sox. Also, that really horrid .320 BABIP doesn’t help matters all that much.

Continuing along the lines of Tuesday’s pitching performance, here are Colon’s pitches by type:

Pitch Type Thrown Percentage
Fourseam 12 22.2%
Sinker 36 66.7
Changeup 3 5.6%
Slider 3 5.6%

Colon Pitches by Type

Here’s a breakdown of pitch outcomes:

Outcome Fourseam Sinker Changeup Slider
Ball 2 11 1 0
Called Strike 3 8 0 0
Swinging Strike 1 2 0 0
Foul 3 3 1 1
In play, no out 1 4 0 0
In play, run(s) 2 4 0 0
In play, out(s) 0 4 1 0

Colon Pitches by Outcome

Of the few fourseamers that Colon threw, his average velocity last night was 89.6 mph while he topped out at 92.2. I must have missed that one. The Padres probably didn’t. His sinker averaged 86.5 mph with a max of 90.

Looking at the locations by batter, that two seamer of his spent a lot of time in the zone.

150729_ColonStandPitch Location by Batter

It’s even more prominent if we look at the pitch location by pitch type:

150729_ColonPitchTypesPitch Location by Pitch Type

Yikes! He really was pitching batting practice yesterday. Even Bryce Harper would have entered the home run derby with gifts like those.

Daily Heat Check

Around the major leagues, Aroldis Chapman averaged 100.6 mph on his fourseam fastball yesterday with a max of 102. Is that right? That can’t be right? That’s the starting speed, so that’s what I’m working with. Wow. That’s not even tops for him this year since according to, Chapman has reached a max of 105.81!

For starting pitchers, Chris Archer averaged 95.44 with a max of 97.9 while one-timer starter and always a personal favorite Tanner Roark averaged 93.85 with a max of 94.1.

I’m still sort of reeling from that whole Chapman and 105 thing. Maybe I’m just woozy from sleep deprivation. Stupid non-trades.

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