Category: Player Analysis

Feb 06

Texas Rangers Use a Lot of Starters

Working on my articles (parts one and two) where I begin to make sense1 of what teams are spending on starting pitching I noticed that I had some data that needed to be cleaned. More specifically, I noticed that for one reason or another the 1985 and 1987 Texas Rangers didn’t have any money apportioned …

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Jan 26

Profligate GMing: How Much Is Too Much?

I’m working on an article for District that discusses the Nationals recent signing of Max Scherzer and how their starters’ salaries are beginning to get expensive. In short, the premise of the article is to discuss how much ball clubs, particularly the Nats, are spending in real dollars per win share produced by their starters. …

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Nov 19

Free Agent Fun with Comps: Center & Right

This is part 7 of an ongoing series featuring a breakdown of the current free agent players at each position. Positions completed so far: catchers, first base, second base, shortstop, third base, and left field. As mentioned in my earlier posts, I’m assessing the current free agent players seeking their respective paydays by comparing each …

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Sep 11

Welcome Back, Crawford

There was a time when Carl Crawford was considered vital to a team’s championship hopes, when the Boston Red Sox thought it was a fantastic idea to sign him to a seven-year 142 million dollar contract. That didn’t end well obviously. Crawford called his time in Boston “a scar that I think will never go …

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Aug 10

Billy Hamilton: Cincinnati Kid Flash

Billy Hamilton exists in a world where his speed is both his best and worst asset. He can, when so inclined, steal a base whenever he’d like. He is that fast. Blink and he’s standing on second, wondering when Todd Frazier will drive him in. Hamilton, who moves in hazy lines of white and red, …

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Jul 30

McCutchen, Heyward: Young, Talented, and Underpaid

Andrew McCutchen is a four-time All Star, Gold Glove winner, and reigning NL MVP, and if the season ended today he’d be a strong candidate to join Barry Bonds as the only Buccos to win two, depending on what the voters disregard more: Cutch’s overall game, Troy Tulowitzki’s numbers, or Clayton Kershaw being a pitcher. …

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Jul 19

Eric Hosmer and Those Summer Nights

Scan the AL leaderboards for July, and you’d be hard pressed to find a batter more dialed in at the plate than Eric Hosmer. Others have hit for more power or driven in more runs, but Hosmer has been extremely consistent: he’s recorded at least one hit in each game (he currently has a 14 …

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Jul 15

Buc Buc: Get Off Pedro Alvarez’s Back Already

The Pittsburgh Pirates opened up shop in 1882, and in those 132 years Pedro Alvarez owns the top two spots for strikeouts in a season. This fact might surprise some. I don’t know why it would if you watch Pirates games since Alvarez has adopted a unique approach to the three true outcomes by disregarding …

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Jul 10

Time to Get Out and Vote, NL Style

(This is part two of a two part series covering my All Star Fan Vote. I know you can’t wait to read this important news so here’s the link to part one.) In a previous article I discussed the credentials for the various AL All Star Fan Vote candidates, and in this article I’d like …

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Jul 10

Time to Get Out and Vote, AL Style

(This is part one of a two part series covering my All Star Fan Vote. I know you can’t wait to read this important news so here’s the link to part two.) I’ll admit that I don’t take the MLB All Star game all that seriously. That’s not to say that the players shouldn’t be …

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