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Dec 15

Catalog Christmas Shopping

So far, in these first few weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ve made pounds of chocolate candies with my mother-in-law; eaten an unhealthy quantity of said candy; introduced Frosty, Christmas Comes to Pacland, Yogi’s First Christmas, and the He-man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special to my daughter; and decided that my next big project is …

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Aug 20

Johnny Manziel Free as the Bird

I can’t listen to recordings of Jack Kerouac without thinking about Mike Myers in So I Married an Axe Murderer. When Kerouac recites “Bowery Blues” or “October in the Railroad Earth,” I think of Mike Myers with a cigarette in his hand, saying, “Women . . . woe man . . . whoooa-man.” Kerouac came …

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Aug 14

Should NL Contenders Fear the Padres?

Things have been so bad offensively for the San Diego Padres that they have actually given at-bats this year to Xavier Nady and Jeff Francoeur. These are the players you give at-bats to when your team bats a collective .225/.287/.346 because the Padres’ front office thinks, “Hey, why the heck not,” but I honestly had …

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Aug 07

What’s in a Name?

The Angels and Dodgers finish up a four-game series tonight that might very well be a World Series preview. The Dodgers lead the NL West by 2 ½ games over the Giants, and the Angels are two games behind Oakland but lead for the first Wild Card spot, 8-10 games up on Toronto/New York/Kansas City.1 …

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Aug 02

Jacob deGrom: Underestimated to NL Player of the Week

Jacob deGrom isn’t supposed to be starting. Not at the Major League level. Not according to Baseball Prospectus. deGrom wasn’t included in the Prospectus’ listing of Mets’ top talents 25 or younger, and Jason Parks had this to say: “Sources aren’t sold that he’s a viable major-league starter, but he could find a home in …

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Jul 17

Torii Hunter Ruined Baseball

Torii Hunter ruined baseball.  It is a little known fact, and it is unquestionably true.  Torii Hunter was once so good at catching baseballs that he ruined baseball as we know it.  Watch Hunter’s evil deed for yourself: It was the 2002 Midsummer Classic, in Milwaukee, the very backyard of Commissioner Bud Selig no less, …

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Jul 15

The Return of the King: What Lebron James’ Letter Really Says

(A special thanks to Scott for allowing me to invade his blog space for this guest post.) I won’t get into a lot of what’s already been talked about in this LeBron discussion, concerning salaries (Scott has done that well enough here) or from an X’s and O’s standpoint. There are people much more qualified …

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Jul 12

Hero’s Journey: LeBron Returns to the Cavs

LeBron James resigned with the Cavaliers. You know this. You should know this. Everyone on the planet knows this by now. I don’t really know if it makes basketball sense for LeBron to head back home. He went to four NBA Finals in Miami, won two of them, and won league MVP and Finals MVP …

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Jul 07

Roger Federer, Wimbledon, and the Fourth of July

Roger Federer is 32, which is not old.  Not to me.  Not to anyone that remembers when Mr. T had his own cartoon, Domino’s had the Noid, and Peter Gabriel was the guy in Genesis, not the guy who sang “Sledgehammer”.  Under tennis standards, however, Federer is sort of old.  Sprinting baseline to baseline, hitting …

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Jun 25

Orioles Continued Struggles Closing Games

My favorite Orioles closer is Gregg Olson, which probably says more about when I grew up than any real affinity, but I always remember 1990 when he saved 37 games as being the year when he took his place amongst the elite.  Maybe it was because Bobby Thigpen saved 57 games that season, and for …

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