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Jan 12

Pythagoras, Bill James, and the Mets

Yesterday I was working with simply using a linear regression to determine expected wins based on run differential (runs scored minus runs allowed). What about Bill James’ Pythagorean expectation? So, just to be thorough (sort of) I went ahead and looked at the difference between what the ’93 Mets should have won based on James’ …

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Jan 11

In Retrospect, 1993 Mets Still Awful

As if I need further reminders that my high school years were miserable, I discovered today—completely by accident—that the 1993 Mets were the worst team in the last 84+ years (basically since the Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig led 1931 Yankees) in actual wins vice expected wins based upon run differential. Using a linear regression …

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Dec 19

Padres Add Upton, Beat Christmas Rush

On their way to scoring 535 runs last season, a scant 3.30 runs per game, the San Diego Padres outfielders accounted for 227 of them, which was tied with the Houston Astros for fewest in the Majors.1 The only legitimate offensive threat of those wall crashers was Seth Smith who posted his best offensive season …

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Dec 11

Dodgers Grab Winter Meeting Headlines

I was skeptical of the Dodgers trade for Jimmy Rollins. He’s still a solid defender, and if he’s not the Gold Glove winner he was just a few years ago, he’ll certainly look like the second coming of Pee Wee Reese compared to Hanley Ramirez at shortstop. Even at 36-years old next season. I was …

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Oct 15

On Randal Grichuk’s Day

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Oct 01

West Coast? Mid-Atlantic Baseball Rules!

For those of us in the Mid-Atlantic region, this Major League postseason brings something sort of unique. For the first time, at least that I can track these things back, we’re going to see all three area teams in the playoffs at the same time. How unique is it? Seeing that big league baseball has …

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Sep 30

Buc Up! Volquez, the Pirates, and Playoff Time!

At first I thought Clint Hurdle was crazy. Why start Gerrit Cole on Sunday against Cincinnati, with just the possibility of winning the Central, when you could save him for the very real possibility of facing the Giants on Wednesday? It made no sense. Cole has the dominating presence with youth and the electric arm. …

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Sep 09

Dodgers Dangerous When Scoring Little

With about three weeks to go in the season, the race for home field advantage in the NL is about as settled as the Nationals closer situation. On any given day, the best record either resides in Los Angeles or in DC, but here comes St. Louis or how about the hard-charging San Francisco squad? …

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Sep 06

Rafael Soriano Struggles Again

On Friday night Rafael Soriano blew another save, and by all accounts Nationals manager Matt Williams has seen enough. In the postgame press conference, Williams said, “We’ll address it, yeah. We need to address it.” If you’ve listened to Williams at all this year, a staunch supporter of his veterans in all situations, this is …

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Aug 27

Jordan Zimmermann and Consistency

Jordan Zimmermann is about as flashy as a pair of BluBlocker sunglasses.1 If not for his regular appearances starting for the Nationals every fifth day, you’d be hard pressed to know he was there at all. He doesn’t bring with him the ongoing drama of Stephen Strasburg and whether he is or isn’t an ace …

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