An Addition – 1993 Cleveland Indians

As well as using 18 starting pitchers in a season, the 1993 Cleveland Indians were also struck by tragedy in spring training when pitchers Steve Olin, Tim Crews, and Bob Ojeda were involved in a fatal boating accident that left Olin and Crews dead from “blunt force trauma to the head” and injured Ojeda. A very good write up of the events can be found here, as well as links to an interview with former manager Mike Hargrove and a transcript of an ESPN “Outside the Lines” retrospective on the accident.

I missed that in my article from Friday. It would be disingenuous to suggest this is directly related to Friday’s article, or, more to the point, that somehow the boating accident in spring training in any way attributed to the various starters used, but with a little more research, I could have included the story into the particulars.

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