January 2015 archive

Jan 26

Profligate GMing: How Much Is Too Much?

I’m working on an article for District that discusses the Nationals recent signing of Max Scherzer and how their starters’ salaries are beginning to get expensive. In short, the premise of the article is to discuss how much ball clubs, particularly the Nats, are spending in real dollars per win share produced by their starters. …

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Jan 14

Billy Beane, the A’s, and Knowing Things

Maybe it shouldn’t come as any great surprise that Oakland GM Billy Beane and his staff of brainiacs is reshaping the A’s roster rather than developing. It is. A little. It shouldn’t be, though, if we were paying attention. Since Beane took over as the Oakland GM after the ’97 season, the A’s have climbed …

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Jan 12

Pythagoras, Bill James, and the Mets

Yesterday I was working with simply using a linear regression to determine expected wins based on run differential (runs scored minus runs allowed). What about Bill James’ Pythagorean expectation? So, just to be thorough (sort of) I went ahead and looked at the difference between what the ’93 Mets should have won based on James’ …

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Jan 11

In Retrospect, 1993 Mets Still Awful

As if I need further reminders that my high school years were miserable, I discovered today—completely by accident—that the 1993 Mets were the worst team in the last 84+ years (basically since the Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig led 1931 Yankees) in actual wins vice expected wins based upon run differential. Using a linear regression …

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Jan 07

Sigh. Mike Piazza Missed Again.

Statistically speaking, when you get all advanced metricky, Mike Piazza’s best seasons were his youthful ones spent with the Dodgers. He produced the best season ever by bWAR for a catcher (narrowly passing Johnny Bench 8.7 to 8.6) and he owns two of the top 13. Both of those were in Los Angeles, in 1997 …

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