August 2014 archive

Aug 31

Mountaineers, Mettle, and Stickum

Games like Saturday’s WVU opener are called moral victories.  Mettle was tested.  Lessons were learned.  Even if that moral victory seemed more like a Pyrrhic one as WVU starters dropped to the Georgia Dome turf like they’d eaten a bad platter of Chick-fil-A grilled nuggets, they hung with the Nick Saban led Tide in a …

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Aug 29

Can I Get an Average Starter Please?

When I noticed that the Mariners had recalled Erasmo Ramirez to pitch Wednesday against the Rangers, I realized that Jordan Zimmermann would be facing the likely AL Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez tonight.  With a trip to Los Angeles right after the Seattle series, there’s a remote chance that Zimmermann would also pitch against the …

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Aug 27

Jordan Zimmermann and Consistency

Jordan Zimmermann is about as flashy as a pair of BluBlocker sunglasses.1 If not for his regular appearances starting for the Nationals every fifth day, you’d be hard pressed to know he was there at all. He doesn’t bring with him the ongoing drama of Stephen Strasburg and whether he is or isn’t an ace …

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Aug 25

The Daringer Family: a History Told Through Baseball

In terms of baseball families, the Daringers never gained the notoriety of the Alomars, Boones, or Molinas, but the histories of brothers Howard, Cliff, and Rolla Daringer and cousin Paul Derringer are fascinating. In truth, the Daringers probably mean a whole lot more to the good people of Hayden, Indiana and to me than they do …

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Aug 21

Garrett Richards Proves that Life Sucks

This is how a pennant race changes, on a routine play with Garrett Richards covering first. That he wasn’t involved in the play in the slightest is bad enough, but the real kick in the pants is that it was just one of those things. Life sucks like that. You bend over to tie your …

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Aug 20

Johnny Manziel Free as the Bird

I can’t listen to recordings of Jack Kerouac without thinking about Mike Myers in So I Married an Axe Murderer. When Kerouac recites “Bowery Blues” or “October in the Railroad Earth,” I think of Mike Myers with a cigarette in his hand, saying, “Women . . . woe man . . . whoooa-man.” Kerouac came …

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Aug 19

Jimmy Graham Wears Jump Insoles (Probably)

The New Orleans Saints Jimmy Graham is an athletically gifted small forward trapped beneath a tight end’s shoulder pads, but don’t give a thought like that too much attention because the NFL wants Graham’s feet firmly on ground. In March, the NFL decided to call foul on the basketball-inspired goal post dunk, reinterpreting a rule …

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Aug 14

Should NL Contenders Fear the Padres?

Things have been so bad offensively for the San Diego Padres that they have actually given at-bats this year to Xavier Nady and Jeff Francoeur. These are the players you give at-bats to when your team bats a collective .225/.287/.346 because the Padres’ front office thinks, “Hey, why the heck not,” but I honestly had …

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Aug 10

Billy Hamilton: Cincinnati Kid Flash

Billy Hamilton exists in a world where his speed is both his best and worst asset. He can, when so inclined, steal a base whenever he’d like. He is that fast. Blink and he’s standing on second, wondering when Todd Frazier will drive him in. Hamilton, who moves in hazy lines of white and red, …

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Aug 07

What’s in a Name?

The Angels and Dodgers finish up a four-game series tonight that might very well be a World Series preview. The Dodgers lead the NL West by 2 ½ games over the Giants, and the Angels are two games behind Oakland but lead for the first Wild Card spot, 8-10 games up on Toronto/New York/Kansas City.1 …

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