May 2014 archive

Josh Beckett, No-Hitters, and OPS+

Before initially posting on Tuesday, I decided against including the opponents each pitcher faced and their relative offensive merits.  There were a couple of reasons for this, none of them particularly good ones, but here they are:  I was lazy; I was pressed for time; I’m actually not very good at what I do. With …

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Josh Beckett and Dodgers No-Hitters

On Sunday, May 25th, Josh Beckett threw the 21st no-hitter in Los Angeles Dodgers history.  For a franchise that has been around since 1883, starting out as the Brooklyn Atlantics, 21 no-hitters in 131 years is pretty impressive.  Of course, four of those no-hitters happened before the 1900s (validated thanks to Henry Chadwick inventing the …

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Matt Harvey’s New Clothes

The New York media has turned on Mets phenom Matt Harvey already.  This is funny considering Harvey hasn’t pitched since August 2013, and when he did pitch, each outing was one notch below a religious experience.  Such is the state of the Mets that erstwhile sane human beings lose their shit when covering them. Hearing …

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